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Mansheyet Nasser Center 

Design II | Learning Center | Hana El Shiaty | Fall 2015


Early learning center utilizes techniques of learning-through-play to create zones focusing on forms of play ( physical play, make-believe play, individual play, social play). The location at the Manshyet Nasser periphery had the center designed as an elevator; it elevates the status of the community by exposing the children's potentials to the outside community. The project has a dual entrance designed to be highly permeable to the community, paired with a women empowerment center. Whilst utilizing the architecture of the surroundings, the project introduces walls as connectors, exposed circulation, and a fence as element of social and visual interaction. The structure is raised and the ground floor is mostly open areas to extend the usage of the site, functioning during the day as an early learning center and during the late hours as an open community center. 


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